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Contrasting contemporary Athenian reformation with the label’s 30 years and more history, Maison Faliakos facilitates the transcending landscape standing the test of turmoil times and design longevity. With women at the forefront of design, Maison Faliakos is an adopter of changes in fashion worldwide.

Every season a variety of ready to wear projects, capsules and artisanal goodies upon request. From Ready To Wear trademark codes that refresh each and every season, to Pret a Couture exclusive on offs and Pre Fall / Resort approaches.

We make collections beyond fashion calendars of the past, collections that stands in time, human centered fashion designed for our customers.


Spring – Summer 2019

Our collection for Spring – Summer 2019 season

SpringSummerT shirtcollection

Spring – Summer 2019 T-shirt

SS19 Exclusive Capsule T-Shirt Art Collection

AutumnWinter Collection

Autumn 2018- Winter 2019

Our collection for Autumn- Winter 2018-2019 season

AutumnWinter Collection

Autumn 2017- Winter 2018

Our collection for Autumn- Winter 2017-2018 season

Sring Summer 2018 Collection

Spring – Summer 2017

Our collection for Spring – Summer 2017 season

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