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23 Feb

Greek Chic — Maison Faliakos featured on Gala Greece

Maison Faliakos CCO Christos Petridis and CD Venediktos Adipas talked about sustainability and circular practices, the Maison’s continued off-limits creative path characterized by eccentricity, elegance, versatility and fluidity.

They posed with the Maison’s muse, edgy performer Marseaux, wearing MF bespoke Haute Couture.

“Our creations transcend a symbiosis of bold contrasting elements such as fluidity, structure, logic and fragility, darkness and light and this translates in the existence of fluid dresses, sharp and tailored pieces, clean-cut geometric shapes, free moulage, bold monochromatic and soft tones. In parallel, the collections are founded on the idea of three-dimensional aesthetic and the atmosphere of illusion. Finally, Haute Couture techniques emerge and are revealed via the rich drapé, the painting and sculptural details and of course the handmade tailoring. Practices and policies like recycling, re-using fabrics and circularity in raw materials are not unknown to the Maison. Traditionally and timelessly, we are bound to a sustainable and circular alliance that originates from the Haute Couture mentality and now has become a catholic norm in all of our operations, vertically and horizontally.

Our muse Marseaux mirrors completely the new era, a new generation and the democratization and inclusivity in terms of gender, sexual orientation, different ways of expression, diversity in body shapes etc, manifesting our future direction and desire to break stereotypes and systemic change in world that moves in lightening speed.”