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23 Feb

Maison Faliakos on Madwalk 2022 with Marseaux

Maison Faliakos took part on Madwalk 2022, an event celebrating fashion, music, creativity.

The AW2223 collection was showcased for the first time while on stage was the Maison’s muse, performer Marseaux setting the beat on high!

The Collection | #AW2223

A special collection dominated by fluid silhouettes, soft volumes and a sculptural mood.

The creations are governed by the convergence of opposite elements such as fluidity & structure, logic & sensitivity, darkness & ​​light and this translates into the presence of fluid dresses, sharp and tailored pieces, flawless geometric patterns and free moulage, strong monochromes and soft tones. At the same time, the collection has been “founded” on the basis of the three-dimensional sense and illusion atmosphere. Finally, the techniques of haute couture emerge through the complex drapery, the painting and sculptural details and of course the handmade stitching.

The style of the collection is characterized by subversive and unconventional elegance.
It perfectly reflects the renewed identity of the house that expresses modern luxury and the connection of history and tradition with the present and the future.