Christos Petridis

MF Chief Creative Officer

Born in 1970 in Thessaloniki. In 1990, he studied fashion design in “Dimitrelis” private school and in 1993 he began working at Maison Faliakos.

Having studied fashion design at the age of 23, he became the right-hand man of legendary fashion designer Costis Faliakos. He immediately stands out for his sharp technique in Haute Couture and his eye for detail.

In 2003, he takes the reins of Maison Faliakos after the death of Costis Faliakos and within 12 years under his management, the House introduces for the first time Pret-a-Porter collections and high-end Bridal services.

Today, he continues his creative journey in the role of Chief Creative Officer together with Creative Director Venediktos Adipas.