Venediktos Adipas

MF Creative Director

Born on 1982 in Patras Greece, from an early age he has shown a passion for the arts and a high level of aesthetic. In high school he studied Conservation & Restoration of art pieces and archaeological artefacts. His next step would have been to take exams for admission in the ASKT (ASFA) but he chose fashion, being the ultimate passion of his life. He attended Veloudakis Fashion School where his eventual graduation was a topic of conversation in terms of his beyond-border creativity, individuality and rebellious spirit.

From ’04 and up to this day he has been pushing himself forward to explore different paths of creation and self-expression. Graffiti, street art, window installation, designing womenswear for brands and companies, underground art synergies, prop making, art and of course his first one of a kind limited clothes for the first V believers. In parallel he has presented paintings by participating in many group and personal exhibitions and events. Many of his pieces now enrich private collections, city apartments, shops and resorts.

From ’06 until ’09 he worked as Junior Fashion Designer for Christoforos Kotentos as he was introduced in the London fashion scene, with shows, press, many stars dressed and collection sampling around the globe. This experience has enriched and empowered him greatly. 

A bold decision for his professional life, was the Royal Academy of Arts in Antwerp. There, they encouraged him, not for a degree, but for a brave and progressive inner searching as a creator. He moved on, as an independent artist with no borders in creativity.

At this moment his most pressing goal is to build, evolve, reinvent, and set pulses on fire via his position as the Creative Director at the historic haute couture house, Maison Faliakos (est. 1982).

In one of the most iconic fashion houses in Greece, his mission has been to re-set the rules and codes to design a different path forward, connecting past, present and future via his creative eyes. His work is distinctly individualistic, art referenced, with a great sense of geometry and colour, sometimes surreal and ironic, with constant passion for detail and artisanal handcrafted surfaces and textures. Always driven by his steel willpower and silent force of change…